Why Are Men? Episode Notes

December 17, 2019

We look at the myth of uncontrollable male sexuality. Kirk gets split into two, Orion women take over Enterprise, T’Pol and Trip suck face, and we have our first ever guests. 😎 Trekkies Kevin Hebenstreit and Robin Casares dazzle us with their wit and insight. We watched TOS “The Enemy Within” and Enterprise “Bound”.

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Kevin Hebenstrait is a minor celebrity and meme lord in the 50,000 member Facebook Group Star Trek Shit Posting. Read about The Kevin here and here

He also has a YouTube Channel called Let's Warp Off with The Kevin.

Robin Casares is a Star Trek fan and impressive cosplayer. You can see her cosplay on Instagram and Facebook. She was invited to the Star Trek: Discovery premier. 


I find your smugness illogical, Mr. Spock.

What we watched:

TOS: The Enemy Within

Enterprise: Bound



Grace Lee Whitney, who played Yeoman Janice Rand, was assaulted by an executive on Star Trek. Grace Lee Whitney Interview via

The Enemy Within episode writer Richard Matheson was a prominent science fiction writer. via Wikipedia


 One of our superpowers is an insensitivity to air conditioning.

The Orion women in Bound, otherwise known as Orion Slave Girls, play into some stock "oriental" character tropes, including the  sexy belly dancer. Via TV Tropes.

Their presence on the Enterprise causes the men on the ship to lose control.

Distracted by the Sexy via TV Tropes

Favors for the Sexy via TV Tropes 


A feminist reimagining, clearly.

Orion women in the Kelvin Timeline (aka JJ-verse)

Roberto Orci, who wrote Star Trek (2009) said that Uhura's Orion roommate Gaila, who helped Kirk cheat (and made out with him in her underwear), could have escaped humanoid trafficking. "There's an underground railroad and some of the Orion slave girls got out and they were sold to freedom." via Memory Alpha and archived interview.


Slave 4 U

Both episodes feature men out of control of their own sexuality. This is super problematic. Here are some ways this often shows up in media: 

I'm a Man, I Can't Help It

All Men Are Perverts

A Man Is Always Eager

via TV Tropes


The sexiest sexless non-couple couple in Trek.

We also discuss how Trip's immunity to the Orion women is part of a trope where true love is a virtue that makes men seduction-proof, separating love (good) from sex (bad). via TV Tropes

Kevin and Ryan really like season four of Enterprise, which was produced by showrunner Manny Coto. via Memory Alpha

We also discussed Sucker Punch via Rotten Tomatoes