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Toxic Masculinity with a Side of Space Whales Episode Notes

September 24, 2019

Content Warning: this episode contains a brief discussion of date rape.

Two fan-favorite characters are displaying signs of toxic masculinity: Lt Cdr Geordi La Forge and Neelix. Ryan and Becca shine a light on these characters' upsetting behaviors, and how they reflect real-life situations, especially in the workplace. Also featuring large space-dwelling creatures that are somehow never called space whales. We look at The Next Generation episode “Galaxy's Child” (S4:E16) and Voyager episode “Elogium” (S2:E4).  

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How is this not a Space Whale?


What We Watched

Galaxy's Child

Memory Alpha


Memory Alpha  



 A justifiably angry Dr. Brahms confronts Geordi, standing next to her holo-double 


Expressions of Toxic Masculinity

The Nice Guy

Nice Guy Syndrome via Geek Feminism Wiki

"Friends" by xkcd

Controlling Jealous Boyfriend

20 Signs Your Partner Is Controlling via Psychology Today

11 Signs Your Partner Has Unhealthy Jealousy via Bustle

Crazy Jealous Guy via TV Tropes 


Words We're Watching: Mansplaining via Merriam-Webster

Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit via Guernica



This does not look like a business meeting


Workplace Sexual Harassment

8 Things To Know About Sexual Harassment In The Workplace via FairyGodBoss

Female Founders Still Face Sexual Harassment From Investors via Wired

Natalie Portman's #MeToo: A Producer, A Private Plane and A Bed via TooFab

Natalie Portman details 'sexual terrorism' she faced as a teen in Hollywood via NY Daily News



Neelix takes his anger out on the lettuce


Abuse in Relationships

Cycle of Abuse via Wikipedia

Battered Woman Syndrome via Wikipedia





Sometimes you just gotta eat the flowers, amirite


Recommended Watching

Becca got Ryan hooked on the The Magicians; in this episode we reference the Margolem.

Obviously you should watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer (in case you missed the Buffybot, among many other reasons).

Finally, Farscape features a space whale spaceship named Moya, which should be reason enough.