These Apples are Shit

March 16, 2021

**************SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS*********************

Welcome to 3188! Discovery Season 3 is a wild ride and we are HERE. FOR. IT. This ...month? Becca and Ryan discuss the beautiful emotional journey of Michael Burnham, with stops along the way to talk Tilly, thirst for Book, send our love to the baby enbys, and salute Georgiou. There are spoilers in this! Oh, and P.S. get your vaccine as soon as you're eligible.     


What we're into right now:  

The Hold Up: friend-of-the-pod Molly Sanchez and co-host Sam DiSalvo revisit pop culture from our youth and ask the very important question, "does it hold up?" (podcast)  

WandaVision: MCU's answer to classic sitcoms, with sci-fi shenanigans! Who could ask for more? (TV show)  

The Lady Astronaut series by Mary Robinette Kowal: Travel to alternate-history 1952 and follow Dr. Elma York as she battles sexism in order to go to space. (book series)  

Wage Stagnation is a shit deal   

For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades by Drew Desilver via Pew Research Center  

State of Working America Wages 2019 by Elise Gould via Economic Policy Institute  

Who has to wait to be Captain?  

Star Trek: Why Burnham (& Sisko) Took 3 Seasons To Become Captain by John Orquiola  

Emotions are Integral  

Why emotional intelligence is important in leadership by Lauren Landry via Harvard Business School  

People Who Cry Often Are Not Weak, But Mentally Stronger by Madeline Neufeld via Lifehack  

How Stigmatizing Male Emotional Vulnerability Has Created a Crisis for Us All by Kali Holloway via the body is not an apology  

Can Clinton's Emotions Get the Best of Her? by Emily Friedman via ABC News  

Oh, to be Trill and Trans/Non-binary ♥  

A History of Star Trek's Gender Non-Conformity by Marlowe Mitchell via  

Star Trek: Discovery set to introduce its first non-binary and trans characters by Matt Moore via Gay Times  

How Transgender Star Trek Fans Came to View Jadzia Dax as Their Own by Lauren Coates via The Mary Sue  



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