The Solution is Not Ghettos Episode Notes

October 15, 2019

Deep Space Nine's prediction of 2024 San Francisco is a bit closer to 2019 San Francisco than we would like. Tandarans holding Suliban in detention centers may have been an allegory to Japanese internment, but 2019 USA has it's own modern take. Join Ryan and Becca as we discuss why it's never a good idea to detain entire groups of people. We discuss Deep Space Nine episodes "Past Tense (Parts 1 & 2)" and Enterprise episode "Detained."

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"Sanctuary District A" not far off from 2019 San Francisco


What We Watched

Past Tense

Part 1 - Memory Alpha

Part 2 - Memory Alpha


Memory Alpha



Is the population density of this detention center believable?


On Concentration Camps and Detention Centers

The Thousands of Children Who Go to Immigration Court Alone via The Atlantic

I’m a Jewish historian. Yes, we should call border detention centers “concentration camps.” via Vox

Japanese Americans at Manzanar via National Park Service 


Call me Bell... Gabriel Bell -Sisko


Homelessness in San Francisco and the United States

History of how many people are homeless in the Bay Area via ABC 7 News

Trump Says Homeless People Are Making Cops Sick “Walking the Beat” in Cockamamie Assessment of U.S. Cities via Slate


This 2024 Swanky Party is definitely happening in the Salesforce Tower



Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell: reunited and it feels so good


Militarization of Police and the Police State

The Militarization of America's Police: A Brief History via Foundation for Economic Education

Police killings do not spark outrage the way the Bell Riots supposedly did/will... see Mapping Police Violence for a LOT of depressing data.

Arizona's "show me your papers" law: SB 1070 in 2018: What are Our Rights? via ACLU Arizona

Facial recognition scanners are already at some US airports. Here's what to know via USA Today



Travis got to do things!


Lt. Travis Mayweather

Anthony Montgomery on "Detained" via Memory Alpha Detained (episode) > Background

"I was really excited about that one. It had nothing to do with Travis being a boomer at all; he got to learn a lot about Human compassion. I didn't want it to sound preachy, because it's really easy to fall into that trap, but everything just comes across as being passionate. I love the fact that they had Travis be the one to have the debate about prejudice, considering that African Americans are prejudged more often than not. That was a really special episode for me, and not just because they gave me work to do."

"When Star Trek: Enterprise was first conceived, Travis Mayweather was intended to be a lieutenant, due to his experience in space. His rank was changed to ensign because the producers thought that having Mayweather and the older Lieutenant Malcolm Reed at a similar rank wouldn't be believable." from Travis Mayweather via Academic Kids



Kira and Miles go on a medieval quest through TIME


"Lizard People" is Anti-Semitic Code

The Alice Walker anti-Semitism controversy, explained via Vox



Let's all be these hippies!