Pizza, Cake, and Drugs (A Port in the Storm) Episode Notes

March 11, 2020



This is your heart, Mon Capitan

Ryan and Becca get emotional this week when Picard is reunited with Riker and Troi. We meet their precocious tween daughter and spend a lot of time ogling the idyllic wilderness. Soji learns about Data. Meanwhile, shit is going down on the Borg cube, and Sister F*ckboy is LIVING for it.


Who does this remind you of?

Becca was paraphrasing Gloria Steinem on getting married in her 60s and her need to change the institution of marriage first. Her interview with Barbara Walters in 2001 has it in her own words.

Hugh's dying words are a good example of the Almost Dead Guy trope, wherein the dying live just long enough to impart important information to further the plot.

The crew of La Sirena might trust Aggie in the face of countervailing evidence because they buy into the trope of fair hair being characteristic of virtue and heroism.

We talk a bit about how the Zhat Vash could be causing the very apocalypse they're trying to prevent, which may be the result of a time travel Predestination Paradox. There are definitions of causality paradoxes that depend less on fate and predestination than the above citation. We were also using time travel to describe a very old literary device, the classical tragedy: where a character (or people) cause their own fate by trying to avoid it. These tropes are also part of the storytelling apparatus in the finale episode of The Next Generation, All Good Things....


There are three anomalies, and I caused all of them :( 

Michael Chabon clarifies that Romulans who have forehead ridges are from the Northern hemisphere of Romulus.

We refer to our episode Mind Rape is Still Rape (trigger warning) with regards to Commodore Oh's mind-meld with Dr. Jurati.

Becca was especially pleased with the music composition of this episode and how it tied in the Picard theme and the TNG theme so beautifully. Cudos to Jeff Russo for composing!

Evan Evagora is causing us a to swoon juuuuuust a bit. Hear him in this interview with his New Zealand accent!


Thirst posting

Many agree with our argument in favor of Equal Opportunity Objectification (of all genders), including feminist bloggers and male celebrities. Academia has a deep and nuanced set of arguments on this topic, helpfully summarized by the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy!



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