One is the Trekiest Number Episode Notes

December 31, 2019


What are we doing New Year's? Watching the Short Treks! We watch Q&A and Ask Not and discuss the trio du jour, Number One, Spock, and Captain Pike, with a heavy focus on the enigmatic and uber-competent Number One. Bonus discussion of Star Trek: Picard's trailers and the upcoming season.

yeomancolt.jpg Yeoman Colt is totally competent even though she is young and female and you WILL get used to her being on the bridge, thank you very much.

Episode Citations

We heavily reference Number One's Memory Alpha page, and you should also check out Den of Geek's article about the "Q&A" episode for more Easter eggs and background information, including other instances of Gilbert and Sullivan showing up in Trek. 

We mention the similarities between the Prime Directive and the U.N. policy that lead them to abstain from helping during the Rwanda Genocide. Via


Majel Barrett's highly talented and plainly styled Number One is replaced by the insecure and high-femme Nurse Chapel. 

The Executive Officer
Never referred to as anything but "Number One", this officer is female. Almost mysteriously female, in fact – slim and dark in a Nile Valley way, age uncertain, one of those women who will always look the same between years twenty and fifty. An extraordinarily efficient officer, "Number One" enjoys playing it expressionless, cool – is probably Robert April's superior in detailed knowledge of the equipment, departments, and personnel aboard the vessel. When Captain April leaves the craft, "Number One" moves up to Acting Captain

Majel Barrett voiced the Enterprise's computer and inspired Siri. Google Developing Assistant Code-named Majel via


I mean, c'mon. 


Read all about Cadet Sidhu and how her part was cast on SYFY.  


Star Trek Picard Trailers! Here and here

Listen to Patrick Stewart randomly recite Shakespeare during publicity for Picard here.


Picard's new crew