Klingon Family Values Episode Notes

October 8, 2019

When B'elanna goes on a mind-trip on the Barge of the Dead, she meets her mom. Worf get flummoxed when he's made responsible for the care of his son, Alexander. Becca and Ryan use these family-centric episodes to dissect these two characters and what it means to be Klingon. We also investigate the ways their "other" status affects how they are treated and how they think about themselves. We discuss The Next Generation episode "New Ground" and Voyager episode "Barge of the Dead."

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Barge of the Dead or Community Theater?


What We Watched

New Ground

Memory Alpha

Barge of the Dead

Memory Alpha


Alexander is not excited about going to school


Klingons are (Problematic?) Cultural Amalgams

Early TOS Klingons had a "distinctly Asian appearance." The Evolution of Klingon Foreheads via Ex Astris Scientia

Many mentions of Japanese and Chinese history as inspiration. Depicting Klingons via Memory Alpha


Alexander is really good at Worf's Holodeck training program


The Bat'leth was modeled after a Chinese fighting crescent (which we refer to in this episode as an axe). Bat'leth via Wikipedia

Klingon afterlife is modeled after Valhalla from Norse mythology. Klingon Culture > Afterlife via Wikipedia


In the dream before dying, Klingon warriors kill everyone you know


"The Klingons are singularly intriguing as a veritable pastiche, a motley conglomeration, of various human cultures." Klingons: A Cultural Pastiche by Victor Grech

... Also, Spock's makeup was called "Chinese Yellow." From Unfinished Alien to Pure Vulcan, or How Mr. Spock got Cool via


Klingon "looks" through the ages via Treksphere


Episodes that Feature B'elanna or Worf

How many episodes feature B'elanna or Worf?

B'elanna is a featured character in 18 Voyager episodes (out of 172). List of Star Trek: Voyager episodes via Wikipedia

Worf’s character page lists 13 TNG episodes in which he plays a major or minor role (out of 176). Worf > Major shows via Wikipedia


No boob window = Good lady-Klingon. Boob window = Bad lady-Klingon


Barge of the Dead story originally intended for Worf

Ronald D. Moore originally pitched the Barge of the Dead story to feature Worf, but it didn't get used then so he recycled it for B'elanna. Barge of the Dead (episode) > Background information via Memory Alpha 

Worf's ideas are routinely shut down on TNG

Watch Worf gets DENIED again and again on Star Trek TNG. via YouTube

Michael Dorn joined DS9 in order to be "more than just the guy that got his ideas shot down all the time." Michael Dorn at Comic and Toy Expo Q&A 2012 (2) via YouTube



The Enterprise has a Natural History Museum! And conveniently-timed father-son field trips! 


Other Female-led Episodes Taking Place in their Minds

Hoshi hallucinates the entire plot inside a 10-second transporter malfunction. Vanishing Point via Memory Alpha

Beverly gets trapped in a pocket universe and everyone else disappears from existence. Remember Me via Memory Alpha



Janeway is Captain Mommy


Experiences of People Adopted Cross-Racially

The Transracial Adoption Paradox: History, Research, and Counseling Implications of Cultural Socialization by Richard M. Lee via NCBI

The Realities of Raising a Kid of a Different Race by Karen Valby via TIME

Code Switch: Transracial Adoptees On Their Racial Identity And Sense Of Self via NPR



Statue of Kahless and Morath - Homoerotic? You decide!