It’s hard to be twelve Episode Notes

January 21, 2020

This week, Becca and Ryan take a quick trip back to school as we recap the Short Trek episode "Children of Mars," (S2:E6) [spoilers abound]. We follow two twelve-year-old girls on a regular school day which takes a turn for the worse. They lead us, somehow, to 9/11, how bad is it really to doodle in class, and a 'Where are They Now' on our fav Admiral Picard. Oh, and we really must know, "Does it Fart?"

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This episode features the song "Heroes," here is a cover by The Wallflowers, made famous by the movie Godzilla, and here is the original by David Bowie. Both versions are better than the one in this episode. 

Ilamaria Ebrahim, who plays Kima, was on a show called Does It Fart?

We highly recommend Orphan Black, which featured Sadie Munroe, who plays Lil in this episode. 

"Star Trek: Picard" will be available internationally via Amazon Prime

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