Is that a Horga’hn in your pocket?

January 6, 2021

Happy New Year, Intertrekkies, and welcome to Risa! All that is ours is yours. Today's topic: SEX WORK. Strap in for a deep dive into this important topic.  Also, 2nd wave feminism, Picard's package, costume obsessions, and more!


Episodes:  The Next Generation "Captain's Holiday" (S3E19) DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." (S5E7) Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights" (S1E25)  


Future Man (TV show): comedy sci-fi/time travel show starring Seth Rogan.  

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (TV show): mystical musical dramedy set in SF's tech world.  

Sex Work is Work  

“Hustlers” Explodes the Damaging Stereotype of Sex Workers as Thieves by Aya de Leon via Bitch Media  

6 Sex Workers Explain How Sharing Client Lists Saves Lives by Kitty Stryker via Vice  

“When They’re Dead, They’re Hookers” — The Media Trope that is Literally Killing People by Riley Smith via Medium  

Between 17 and 34% of workers have reported being harassed, threatened, or assaulted by police in the United States.  

We need to talk about Anna Kendrick's dead 'hooker' joke by Molly Fitzpatrick via Splinter  

Studies have shown that female sex workers, frequent victims of sexual assault and physical violence, are 18 times more likely to be murdered than other women of their age and race.  

Stigma and stereotypes about sex work hinder regulatory reform by Paul J. Maginn and Emily Cooper via The Conversation  

Unpacking Harmful Myths Around Sex Work via the Equality Institute  

Common Myths About Sex Work, Debunked By Sex Workers by Frankie Miren via Vice 

#119 No More Safe Harbor episode of Reply All (April 20, 2018)  

Malcolm Reed, Closet Case? 

Lt. Malcom Reed: Intergalactic Man of Confusion by Michelle Zamanian via Women at Warp

Malcolm Reed via Memory Alpha

What to wear on Space Hawaii 

Costumes of Risa  

This picture of Picard  





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