Give Art Supplies to Kids, and Other Lessons from Lower Decks

October 29, 2020

Becca and Ryan are VERY into Star Trek: Lower Decks and here's our pitch for why you should be, too. Join us for a SPOILERIFIC episode where we discuss everything from holomovies to calling out your friends when they say problematic shit.  

Episodes: Lower Decks "Crisis Point" and "No Small Parts"   


The Purge movies are born from Star Trek  

THE PURGE Director Admits Which STAR TREK Episode Influenced His Movie By Devin Faraci via Birth Movies Death  

Anti-Elitism Today

Anti-Elitism, the Trump Version by Harold Meyerson via The American Prospect  

Combating antiscience: Are we preparing for the 2020s? by Peter J. Hotez via PLOS Biology  

You’re Living in the Golden Age of Conspiracy Theories by Zack Stanton via Politico  

The Value of Arts Education  

New evidence of the benefits of arts education by Brian Kisida and Daniel H. Bowen via Brookings  

How the Arts Benefit Your Children Academically and Behaviorally by Grace Chen via Public School Review  

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