Away Mission to Planet Cylon Episode Notes

March 25, 2020

Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_4_20_05_PM.jpgThe pandemic is here, y'all! Due to sheltering-in-place, we could not record this episode in the same room, so please forgive any odd audio. ************************SPOILERS******************* Nevertheless, join Becca and Ryan, and the Motley Crew on their very first Away Mission <3. We follow them through beautifully-scored vistas and a woeful lack of hats, to a magical land of gold robots. Also, Picard makes a big announcement and everybody gets emotional. Et in Arcadia ego!



One of several paintings titled "Et in Arcadia ego," this one by Nicolas Poussin, 1638

The title of this episode is "Et in Arcadia Ego Part I," which translates to I, too, am in Arcadia (or even in Arcadia, I am).  Arcadia, in this case, traditionally means a utopia. It can also mean a pastoral land, in other interpretations, or a very specific utopia: heaven. The phrase is a memento mori, or a reminder of death. "Et in Arcadia Ego," is also the title of book one of Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited. (Sources: Shmoop, Wikipedia Washington Post)

The various meanings of the curse "puta madre" are discussed on Urban Dictionary

Becca wants you to know that you should wear a hat while you hike. (REI) 

Picard is dressed like Han Solo. Observe: 



"Android" comes from the Late Greek root androeidēs meaning "manlike," and was first used in 1736. It is technically not gender neutral in its origin. (Merriam-Webster)

Ryan learned about the meaning of "sutra," in yoga teacher training, and you can learn about it on Yogapedia. We found the meaning of "jana" on Sanscrit Dictionary. 


Here's some stuff on the Arab explorer Ahmad Ibn Majid, the 15th Century navigator, on Aramco World

You can sing along with the Arroz con Leche lullaby on Youtube

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