All of This Has Happened Before (Episode 1: Remembrance recap)

January 28, 2020

InterTREKtional Season 3: Picard! is here with your first dose of feminist analysis of Star Trek: Picard. Episode 1: Remembrance. *****SPOILERS ABOUND***** Data is pretty busy painting and teaching cryptic lessons about poker bluffing in Picard's dreams. While awake, Jean Luc takes his tea sans caffeine (but continues to indulge in the real stuff where wine is concerned), shares his home with kindly Romulan refugees, and tanks a cable news interview.  He meets a very special graduate student named Dahj and pledges his eternal assistance and protection to her for reasons we won't reveal in this summary. 9/11 is still on Michael Chabon's mind, and we wonder: do you assume androids are male or female?

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