All Good Synths… Episode Notes

April 1, 2020

Star Trek Picard's Finale Recap is here! Picard is streaming free right now, catch up and binge our season! <3 Becca and Ryan are surviving sheltering in place and getting their signature feminist Trek takes to you, if a little late. Forgive us, it's been a weird week. Season one comes to an end and we have a lot of thoughts. 

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the-future-is-bright.png The Motley Crew headed into Season 2


We want Q! We want Q!

Despite our disappointment that Q did not show up in this episode, we love it overall. But what got our hopes up in the first place was this LEAK: Q Confirmed For Star Trek: Picard?. Take a gander, it's very convincing.

Q.jpg Q, The Inquisitor


Do Androids Dream... of being covered in eyeballs?

This episode rides heavily on the synth's technology being *imagination*-powered, which may seem very un-A.I.. It actually tracks quite well with what Google's been doing: teaching machines to make crazy art. See: Google’s DeepDream is dazzling, druggy, and creepy. It’s also the future of A.I. by David Auerbach via Slate.


google-deepdream.jpg A deep dream indeed


Socialization for All!

In this episode we talk about the synths being cut off from society outside of Coppelius, and how this contributes to their mistrust of organics. It's all about exposure and socialization. Similarly, when raising pets you should socialize them too! Here's some info from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association): Socialization of dogs and cats



Does this mean we can be drinking buddies?


Data Loves Smoking Jackets

In his final scene, Data is wearing a beautiful grey/black smoking jacket which we identified as a callback to the TNG finale episode All Good Things.... That jacket sold at auction for $1680 in 2006. It's also very reminiscent of the one he wore as his holo-alter-ego Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, Dear Data.

Side note: the auction '40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection' had some very quality items, including "Two prop wine bottles with Chateau Picard labels" which sold for $6,600!!!! (rich people are WILD).

data-loves-smoking-jackets.png A fine collection of smoking jackets



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