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Welcome to 3188! Discovery Season 3 is a wild ride and we are HERE. FOR. IT. This ...month? Becca and Ryan discuss the beautiful emotional journey of Michael Burnham, with stops along the way to talk Tilly, thirst for Book, send our love to the baby enbys, and salute Georgiou. There are spoilers in this! Oh, and P.S. get your vaccine as soon as you're eligible.     


What we're into right now:  

The Hold Up: friend-of-the-pod Molly Sanchez and co-host Sam DiSalvo revisit pop culture from our youth and ask the very important question, "does it hold up?" (podcast)  

WandaVision: MCU's answer to classic sitcoms, with sci-fi shenanigans! Who could ask for more? (TV show)  

The Lady Astronaut series by Mary Robinette Kowal: Travel to alternate-history 1952 and follow Dr. Elma York as she battles sexism in order to go to space. (book series)  

Wage Stagnation is a shit deal   

For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades by Drew Desilver via Pew Research Center  

State of Working America Wages 2019 by Elise Gould via Economic Policy Institute  

Who has to wait to be Captain?  

Star Trek: Why Burnham (& Sisko) Took 3 Seasons To Become Captain by John Orquiola  

Emotions are Integral  

Why emotional intelligence is important in leadership by Lauren Landry via Harvard Business School  

People Who Cry Often Are Not Weak, But Mentally Stronger by Madeline Neufeld via Lifehack  

How Stigmatizing Male Emotional Vulnerability Has Created a Crisis for Us All by Kali Holloway via the body is not an apology  

Can Clinton's Emotions Get the Best of Her? by Emily Friedman via ABC News  

Oh, to be Trill and Trans/Non-binary ♥  

A History of Star Trek's Gender Non-Conformity by Marlowe Mitchell via  

Star Trek: Discovery set to introduce its first non-binary and trans characters by Matt Moore via Gay Times  

How Transgender Star Trek Fans Came to View Jadzia Dax as Their Own by Lauren Coates via The Mary Sue  




Is that a Horga’hn in your pocket?

Happy New Year, Intertrekkies, and welcome to Risa! All that is ours is yours. Today's topic: SEX WORK. Strap in for a deep dive into this important topic.  Also, 2nd wave feminism, Picard's package, costume obsessions, and more!


Episodes:  The Next Generation "Captain's Holiday" (S3E19) DS9 "Let He Who Is Without Sin..." (S5E7) Enterprise "Two Days and Two Nights" (S1E25)  


Future Man (TV show): comedy sci-fi/time travel show starring Seth Rogan.  

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (TV show): mystical musical dramedy set in SF's tech world.  

Sex Work is Work  

“Hustlers” Explodes the Damaging Stereotype of Sex Workers as Thieves by Aya de Leon via Bitch Media  

6 Sex Workers Explain How Sharing Client Lists Saves Lives by Kitty Stryker via Vice  

“When They’re Dead, They’re Hookers” — The Media Trope that is Literally Killing People by Riley Smith via Medium  

Between 17 and 34% of workers have reported being harassed, threatened, or assaulted by police in the United States.  

We need to talk about Anna Kendrick's dead 'hooker' joke by Molly Fitzpatrick via Splinter  

Studies have shown that female sex workers, frequent victims of sexual assault and physical violence, are 18 times more likely to be murdered than other women of their age and race.  

Stigma and stereotypes about sex work hinder regulatory reform by Paul J. Maginn and Emily Cooper via The Conversation  

Unpacking Harmful Myths Around Sex Work via the Equality Institute  

Common Myths About Sex Work, Debunked By Sex Workers by Frankie Miren via Vice 

#119 No More Safe Harbor episode of Reply All (April 20, 2018)  

Malcolm Reed, Closet Case? 

Lt. Malcom Reed: Intergalactic Man of Confusion by Michelle Zamanian via Women at Warp

Malcolm Reed via Memory Alpha

What to wear on Space Hawaii 

Costumes of Risa  

This picture of Picard  






Trekidemic XXL

Lovely Intertrekkies, we hope you're doing alright out there as we drag on into the nth month of this pandemic. To help you through it, here is a deep dive into Star Trek's portrayal of widespread, highly virulent, or large-in-the-literal-sense diseases. Mask up, stand far away from each other, and put us in your earballs!  


Episodes:  The Next Generation "The Naked Now" (S1E3) Enterprise "Bounty" (S2E25) Voyager "Faces" (S1E14)* DS9 "The Quickening" (S4E24) Voyager "Macrocosm" (S3E12) The Animated Series "The Albatross" (S2E4)  



The Delta Flyers (podcast) - Garrett Wang (Harry Kim) and Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) recap every episode of Voyager  

Spillover: Animal Infections and the Next Human Pandemic** by David Quammen (2012 book) - fascinating tales of zoonotic diseases, aka illnesses that pass from animals to humans (kinda like COVID!)  

Episode 151: Body Diversity and Inclusivity Women at Warp (podcast episode)

Follow @jessicamalatyrivera - Infectious disease expert


Masks Work.  

Face masks: what the data say by Lynne Peeples via Nature  

Scientific Brief: Community Use of Cloth Masks to Control the Spread of SARS-CoV-2 via CDC  

Masks Work. Really. We’ll Show You How by Or Fleisher, Gabriel Gianordoli, Yuliya Parshina-Kottas, Karthik Patanjali, Miles Peyton and Bedel Saget via NYT  


Non-consensual use of body parts in history and medicine (a very incomplete list)  

George Washington and Slave Teeth via  

The Surgeon Who Experimented on Slaves by Sarah Zhang via The Atlantic    

The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot  

Nazi Medical Experiments from the Holocaust Encyclopedia via US Holocaust Memorial Museum  


How long does it take to make a vaccine?  

Vaccine Development, Testing, and Regulation via  

5 charts that tell the story of vaccines today by Douglas Broom via World Economic Forum  

Anti-Vaxxers make us 😡😡😡😡  

Vaccine Myths Debunked via 

Why Vaccine Opponents Think They Know More Than Medical Experts by Matthew Motta, University of Pennsylvania; Steven Sylvester, Utah Valley University, and Timothy Callaghan, Texas A&M University via Texas Medical Association  


*Correction: We called this episode "The Phage" when we recorded - that is another episode (actually just called "Phage") about the same disease, but the one we recommend you watch is "Faces"!

**Not a link on purpose - buy local!



Give Art Supplies to Kids, and Other Lessons from Lower Decks

Becca and Ryan are VERY into Star Trek: Lower Decks and here's our pitch for why you should be, too. Join us for a SPOILERIFIC episode where we discuss everything from holomovies to calling out your friends when they say problematic shit.  

Episodes: Lower Decks "Crisis Point" and "No Small Parts"   


The Purge movies are born from Star Trek  

THE PURGE Director Admits Which STAR TREK Episode Influenced His Movie By Devin Faraci via Birth Movies Death  

Anti-Elitism Today

Anti-Elitism, the Trump Version by Harold Meyerson via The American Prospect  

Combating antiscience: Are we preparing for the 2020s? by Peter J. Hotez via PLOS Biology  

You’re Living in the Golden Age of Conspiracy Theories by Zack Stanton via Politico  

The Value of Arts Education  

New evidence of the benefits of arts education by Brian Kisida and Daniel H. Bowen via Brookings  

How the Arts Benefit Your Children Academically and Behaviorally by Grace Chen via Public School Review  


Going to the Disco

Intertrekkies, we missed you! We're back with an all new episode, diving into the Discovery premier: Klingon teeth, Vulcan Supremacy, and lady time, we've got it all.  

Episodes: Discovery "The Vulcan Hello" and "Battle at the Binary Stars"  




On Trauma Responses 

Trauma-Informed Care in Behavioral Health Services via NBIH 

Post-traumatic stress disorder and declarative memory functioning: a review by Kristin W. Samuelson, PhD via NBIH 

Justice for Breonna Taylor 

Stand with Bre by Grassroots Law Project 

Trauma-Informed Restorative Justice 

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Law: Why Restorative Justice Must Understand Trauma and Psychological Coping by Melanie Randall and Lori Haskell via SSRN 

Defund vs Abolish

What ‘Abolish’ and ‘Defund’ the Police Really Mean by Jessica S. Henry via Montclair State University 

I had a positive encounter with police, and I still think they need to be defunded by Becca Motola-Barnes via Medium 




Extra: We watch some TV or whatever… BLACK LIVES MATTER

In this Extra we recorded a week ago, when the boredom of isolation seemed like our most urgent issue, we talk about what we've been watching while in quarantine (The Matrix trilogy, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The Great, Solar Opposites, and Midnight Gospel). ***Some mild spoilers!***

MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, we demand justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade, David McAtee, and the countless other Black citizens who have been murdered by the police in America. At the end of this episode you'll hear about several organizations and educators who are out there doing the work, go give them your $$$!

Black Lives Matter 

Black Futures Lab 

Campaign Zero 

Trans Women of Color Solidarity Network Fund (GoFundMe) 

National Bail Out 

Ijioma Oluo 

Rachel Cargle 

African American Policy Forum (co-founded by Kimberlé Crenshaw)  


Gaila’s Star Trek 2009

Becca and Ryan welcome back special guest Molly Sanchez (@seriousmolly) to discuss Star Trek 2009! Over a decade has passed since this gem hit theaters, and we're so hot for it, you can measure our temperatures in Kelvin ;) Join us as we discuss the power of EYEBROWS, the absurdity of fencing in a movie full of battling spaceships, and whether or not you can pass the Bechdel test in your underwear.

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All Good Synths…

Star Trek Picard's Finale Recap is here!Picard is streaming free right now, catch up and binge our season! <3 Becca and Ryan are surviving sheltering in place and getting their signature feminist Trek takes to you, if a little late. Forgive us, it's been a weird week. Season one comes to an end and we have a lot of thoughts. 

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All Good Synths… Episode Notes

Star Trek Picard's Finale Recap is here! Picard is streaming free right now, catch up and binge our season! <3 Becca and Ryan are surviving sheltering in place and getting their signature feminist Trek takes to you, if a little late. Forgive us, it's been a weird week. Season one comes to an end and we have a lot of thoughts. 

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the-future-is-bright.png The Motley Crew headed into Season 2


We want Q! We want Q!

Despite our disappointment that Q did not show up in this episode, we love it overall. But what got our hopes up in the first place was this LEAK: Q Confirmed For Star Trek: Picard?. Take a gander, it's very convincing.

Q.jpg Q, The Inquisitor


Do Androids Dream... of being covered in eyeballs?

This episode rides heavily on the synth's technology being *imagination*-powered, which may seem very un-A.I.. It actually tracks quite well with what Google's been doing: teaching machines to make crazy art. See: Google’s DeepDream is dazzling, druggy, and creepy. It’s also the future of A.I. by David Auerbach via Slate.


google-deepdream.jpg A deep dream indeed


Socialization for All!

In this episode we talk about the synths being cut off from society outside of Coppelius, and how this contributes to their mistrust of organics. It's all about exposure and socialization. Similarly, when raising pets you should socialize them too! Here's some info from the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association): Socialization of dogs and cats



Does this mean we can be drinking buddies?


Data Loves Smoking Jackets

In his final scene, Data is wearing a beautiful grey/black smoking jacket which we identified as a callback to the TNG finale episode All Good Things.... That jacket sold at auction for $1680 in 2006. It's also very reminiscent of the one he wore as his holo-alter-ego Sherlock Holmes in Elementary, Dear Data.

Side note: the auction '40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection' had some very quality items, including "Two prop wine bottles with Chateau Picard labels" which sold for $6,600!!!! (rich people are WILD).

data-loves-smoking-jackets.png A fine collection of smoking jackets




Away Mission to Planet Cylon Episode Notes

Screen_Shot_2020-03-25_at_4_20_05_PM.jpgThe pandemic is here, y'all! Due to sheltering-in-place, we could not record this episode in the same room, so please forgive any odd audio. ************************SPOILERS******************* Nevertheless, join Becca and Ryan, and the Motley Crew on their very first Away Mission <3. We follow them through beautifully-scored vistas and a woeful lack of hats, to a magical land of gold robots. Also, Picard makes a big announcement and everybody gets emotional. Et in Arcadia ego!



One of several paintings titled "Et in Arcadia ego," this one by Nicolas Poussin, 1638

The title of this episode is "Et in Arcadia Ego Part I," which translates to I, too, am in Arcadia (or even in Arcadia, I am).  Arcadia, in this case, traditionally means a utopia. It can also mean a pastoral land, in other interpretations, or a very specific utopia: heaven. The phrase is a memento mori, or a reminder of death. "Et in Arcadia Ego," is also the title of book one of Evelyn Waugh's novel Brideshead Revisited. (Sources: Shmoop, Wikipedia Washington Post)

The various meanings of the curse "puta madre" are discussed on Urban Dictionary

Becca wants you to know that you should wear a hat while you hike. (REI) 

Picard is dressed like Han Solo. Observe: 



"Android" comes from the Late Greek root androeidēs meaning "manlike," and was first used in 1736. It is technically not gender neutral in its origin. (Merriam-Webster)

Ryan learned about the meaning of "sutra," in yoga teacher training, and you can learn about it on Yogapedia. We found the meaning of "jana" on Sanscrit Dictionary. 


Here's some stuff on the Arab explorer Ahmad Ibn Majid, the 15th Century navigator, on Aramco World

You can sing along with the Arroz con Leche lullaby on Youtube

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